Dec 08

6000 hours aging test LumiString HLC2-179-SW65 LED module

0% degradation after 6000 hrs testing.



The first important milestone of our endurance test for the new LumiString LED modules has been reached at 6000 hours. This does not mean, however, that we also stop here. This endurance test will be continued for a minimum of 10000 hours..  


The measured degradation of the LumiString HLC1-179-SW65 LED module is 0% after 5952 hours. This corresponds to approximately 500 days with 12 burning hours per day.

With the new LumiString modules, channel letters with a minimum depth of 30 mm and textile frames with a minimum depth of 40 mm can be illuminated..

Click here for the product sheet of the new LumiString HLC1 and HLC2 LED modules