LumitexT:   A premium brand with a private label price

LumitexT recognize the struggle of every sign maker who wants to choose between LED lighting, and conventional lighting.

Will you choose a premium brand with an earned reputation, and often the more expensive one, or an unknown brand with a much lower price?

The choice for a low-cost solution can lead to problems with the lifetime and decreasing performance. That’s not what you expect from LED. Your expectation of quality should not be based on luck.

LumitexT is een Nederlandse fabrikant/ ontwikkelaar van hoogwaardige LED systemen.

Yet your customer expects a sharp offer! The competition is huge, and you want to win the assignment. Thus, you have a need for a great product at a great price! Does this solution excist? Of course! When you choose LumitexT, then you choose a premium brand with a private label price.

LumitexT is a Dutch manufacturer / developer of high-quality LED systems.



Based on this LumitexT uses the following mission:

“LumitexT always offers the best quality at the best price. ”

What makes this promise different from other brands, and suppliers? How can LumitexT offer an above average LED solution at the best price?


Choosing LumitexT as a logical choice

LumitexT develops and produces only LED solutions for the sign maker.

LumitexT has the technical knowledge in-house, and on Dutch soil.


This guarantees :

  • Short lines in direct contact with the users / processors.
  • The right LED for the right application.
  • The right configuration for the thermal regulation.
  • Continuous improvement of products for increasing performance.
  • All products are independently tested.
  • Extremely competitive price.
  • Very little overhead.
  • LumitexT is constantly up-to-date regarding the most relevant developments in the field of LEDs and relevant products.
  • LumitexT constantly innovates  and implements new techniques, and semi-finished products (based on technical specifications).
  • LumitexT provides you with a clear explanation about the application of the various products.
  • LumitexT regulates smooth supply based on market demand.


You want to know more? Please contact us  for a free quote or an interview.

+31 (0)172 – 233061


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