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LumitexT is increasingly known for best price-performance ratio of its products. LumitexT is constantly improving and extending its products and services. For example all LumitexT products meet the tight international RoHS and LM80 norms. For the most recently released products and services see below. If you want to receive more details please check attached documents (downloads) or contact us directly.




LumitexT LED letters, and logos



Product group LumitexT stands for with LED internal illuminated signs. LumitexT is especially suitable for letters and logos ranging from 10 to 30 cm in height. The product is being laser cut from acrylic sheet. Minimum width is 10 mm, enabling fine details, where conventional letters minimum with is roughly 25 mm.






















Available downloads:

Product Brochure LumitexT 


To view animations of various LumitexT products click below:

Animation of LumitexT FrontLight, click here to start

Animation of LumitexT BackLight, click here to start

Animation of LumitexT ContourLight, click here to start


For easy and smooth mounting of LumitexT letters or shapes the dedicated system LumiFix is developed.

Available downloads:

LumiFix General Instruction (Only in Dutch)

LumiFix Flat Instruction (Only in Dutch)



LumiString LED modules

LumiString product group is especially suitable for box letters, and is an ideal replacement for neon, but is also applied in box signs.Available downloads:

The HLC1 module can illuminate a box letter with a depth of 30mm and a light box with a depth of 40mm.


Available downloads:

Product Sheet LumiString






LumiBOX LED strips

Introduced in 2009 LumiBOX has become a classic in LED lighting modules. Frequently replacing fluorescent tubes in box lighting systems. Up to 95% energy savings can be realized when replacing these systems.


Available downloads:

Product sheet LumiBOX-PRO

LumiBOX examples

LumiBOX-XT in 8400 hrs endurance test of Olino (click here for more info)



LumiBOX LB-1 LED modules

Next to the LumiBOX PRO LED strips we also offer the LumiBOX LB-1 LED modules. With these new LumiBOX solution we enable the illumination of single- and double sided light boxes with maximal flexibility. The module pitch can be varied from 5-17 cm, and the modules don not have to be cut every 3 pieces, but can be cut per piece.


Available downloads:

Product sheet LumiBOX LB-1

LumiBOX examples