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Dec 08

6000 hours aging test LumiString HLC2-179-SW65 LED module

0% degradation after 6000 hrs testing.     The first important milestone of our endurance test for the new LumiString LED modules has been reached at 6000 hours. This does not mean, however, that we also stop here. This endurance test will be continued for a minimum of 10000 hours..     The measured degradation of …

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Oct 04

The advantages of thin channel letters.

30mm diepe doosletters nu mogelijk! Met de nieuwe LumiString modules kunnen doosletters met een minimale diepte van 30mm worden uitgelicht. Dit wordt mogelijk gemaakt door een unieke lens die het licht verdeeld onder een hoek van 179o. Veel gangbare LED modules maken gebruik van een lens met een hoek van 160o . Met de 179o optiek kan je met …

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Sep 20

6000 hrs aging test LumiBOX LB-1 LED module

Nagenoeg 0% degradatie na 6000 uur testen   De 6000 uur duurtest van de LED fabrikant liet maar 4% degradatie zien bij een omgevingstemperatuur van 100C. Als LumitexT nemen we daar zelfs geen genoegen mee en testen we de betreffende LED ook in de uiteindelijke LED module in de praktijk. De gemeten degradatie van de LumiBOX …

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Sep 18

Also looking for an affordable solution for the lighting of thin box letters and light boxes?

30mm deep box letters and 40mm deep light boxes possible!   With the new LumiString modules, box letters with a minimum depth of 30mm and light boxes with a minimum depth of 40mm can be beautifully highlighted.   At the moment, we can simultaneously provide modules for testing while the aging tests are still running. …

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Nov 16

More flexibility with the new LumiBOX LB-1 LED modules

  With these new LumiBOX solution we enable the illumination of single- and double sided light boxes with maximal flexibility. The module pitch can be varied from 5-17 cm, and the modules don not have to be cut every 3 pieces, but can be cut per piece.   LumiBOX-1 180 lumen output / 6500K / …

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Apr 13

Very Thin Frontlight Letters

  For the small Frontlight letters with a width of at least 4.5 mm, the thickness can be reduced to 15 mm. An additional advantage of this ultrathin Frontlight letters is the very competitive price due to the use of 15 mm thick acrylic instead of the standard thickness of 30 mm.  

Jun 28

Animation of LumitexT LED backlight letter

View our new animations of our LumitexT LED illuminated letters.   Animation LumitexT LED Backlight Letter, click here to start Animation LumitexT LED Frontlight Letter, click here to start Animation of LumitexT LED Contour Letter, click here to start